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Vend POS Hardware Bundle for Windows

Vend POS Hardware Bundle for Windows

Vend POS Hardware Bundle for Windows

If you have a windows PC and are using Vend POS then buying a pre-made POS Hardware bundle online is the way to go. It’s cheaper than buying the individual components and you know they will all work well together.

Vend is quite particular about POS hardware compatibility, so I’ve taken the guess work out for you. Below are links to Vend POS hardware bundles for Windows from reputable online POS suppliers.

Call or email to get advice on the best Vend bundle for your shop

The vend website also has a list of compatible pos equipment, although sometimes it’s a little out of date.

Got some more Vend POS Hardware questions? Leave a comment below.

How do I turn receipt printing off on my Sam4s ER650 Cash Register

turn receipt printer off Sam4s ER650 cash register

How do I turn receipt printing off on my Sam4s ER650 Cash Register

You can turn the sam4s ER650 register printer to to be on or off. This can be a real paper saver.

Even though he receipt function is in “off mode” you can still issue a receipt on request by pressing enter/ash after the transaction is finished.

Also, your end of day reports will print out as normal.

The Steps to turn off receipt printing.

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My SAM4s ER-180T cash register is Displaying PEA

Sam4s ER180T PEA Error

My SAM4s ER-180T cash register is Displaying PEA

This is a tricky one with all Sam4s registers including the ER180T because PEA is actually PER. The ER180t can’t display an “R” properly so it looks like and “A”.

So the actual error is a “PER” error which literally means Paper End Receipt.

The easy answer

You have run out of paper or nearly run out. There is a little sensor in the front of the receipt printer, if there’s no paper in front of the sensor it will display the PER error until the paper roll is replaced

The tricky answer

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CASIO SEC300 Cash Register Setup Guide

casio sec-300 setup guide

CASIO SE-C300 Cash Register Setup Guide



Set mode switch to off
Hold Down the [FEED] button
Turn Key to PGM while still holding down the [FEED] button
After 5 seconds release the [FEED] button
‘0000000000’ will appear on the display and the register is now ready to receive it’s MAC code
Enter 17240 for dept buttons or 10040 for plu buttons
Press Sub Total
(Wait for a bit… the register will go into program mode and the display will read 0.00 when its done)
Insert Memory Batteries

Set Register For Australian GST

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Vend POS Hardware Compatibility

Vend POS software Free Trial

POS Help Vend POS Hardware Compatibility Guide

Vend pos hardware, especially receipt printers needs to be checked and double checked for compatibility before you purchase. This guide will save you buying the wrong POS equipment and save you money.

Vend compatible receipt printers

This is the the most important one, so lets deal with this first.

What Receipt printer model do I need for Vend

1. Ethernet/LAN – If you’re running printers over a network on either a PC, MAC or IPAD you’ll need the Star TSP100 Ethernet LAN Printer.
2. USB connection – If your connecting the printer directly to a MAC or PC then use either a Epson TM-T82 USB or Epson TM-T20 USB.
3. IPAD’s – remember IPAD’s donst have USB ports so you need the Star TSP100 Ethernet

What Barcode scanners can I use with Vend

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Sam4s ER390m cash register reset without data loss

sam4s er390m cash register

Sam4s ER390m cash register reset without data loss

If the Sam4s er390m is beeping at you and you can’t stop it by the usual methods, then use the init clear, sometimes called “init reset” to get you back to register mode.

The reasons you might want to do a init clear / reset

1. The register is stuck and you just want to reset back to the beginning of a transaction.
2. You were programming the register and now it beeps no matter what keys you push

To Perform an Initial Clear:

1. Unplug the register.
2. Turn the control lock to the P position.
3. Press and hold the key position where the SBTL key is located on the default keyboardlayout.
4. While continuing to hold the SBTL key, plug the register into a power source.
5. The message “INITIAL CLEAR OK!” prints when the initial clear is complete.

You should now be able to use the register as per normal.

If you have any other Sam4s please leave a comment below