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Australia’s first dedicated remote POS and cash register support service. Unlike computer support, setting up and supporting POS systems requires peculiar knowledge and skill sets that are only gained from years of hands on experience. Thats where we come in.

Being trained specialists in POS and retail technology means we get your system setup faster, better, and cheaper than general field technicians. We’ll get your system working.

Is support really free - How do you stay in business?

Yes, we have a continually growing POS support knowledge base that is free to use. We also answer emails and blog questions as fast as possible.

We do make money from affiliate links to online POS suppliers. We only link to POS suppliers who have been in the game for a long time, so you can buy with confidence. There are a lot of fly by night websites selling POS, so our links give you piece of mind.

If, you get really, really stuck and the free POS forum can't help you, we do offer very cheap remote support products. Much cheaper that onsite technicians.

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Remote POS Support & Cash Register setup. Is there a need?

Ok, to answer this we need we need a little POS Support history lesson. I won’t take you back to the big bang, I promise.

My name Darryl Sullivan, I opened one of Australia’s first 100% online POS and cash register supply websites way back in 2005.

I subsequently sold this successful business in 2011 to pursue volunteer work with with my wife in Thailand. In the last few years it seems multitudes of online stores have popped up, selling pos systems, barcode scanners, receipt printers and cash registers.

Only a small handful of these companies actually have any POS systems pedigree. The remainder are computer companies (that don’t really know much about the products) and others still, unqualified folks selling gear on Ebay with a big buyer beware caveat.

POS Support should be free or very cheap so shops can selling & stay profitable.

Even back in 2011, I can’t tell you how many calls we got asking for help with products purchased from other online stores. As much as it hurt me to say we couldn’t help, we couldn’t, because our model was selling POS products (and supporting them) at that time.

Unfortunately People just got stranded with expensive equipment that wasn’t working properly, YIKES!

Thats where we come in to the picture now. Many Retailers are either getting stranded with equipment purchased online from the “wrong company” who can’t or won’t help them, or, the local POS / Cash register company wants to charge exorbitant amounts for onsite visits when a simple email, or forum post will do.