Cipher 2564 2d Black Bt Kit Usb Cordless 2D Barcode Scanner

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Cipher 2564 2d Bluetooth Usb Kit Cordless 2D Barcode Scanner

This variant is the cordless Bluetooth 2D (standard range) in black with USB cradle kit.

With raising demands for advanced scanning abilities in many industries such as retail warehousing and light industry CipherLab has attentively designed the durable 2500 series handheld scanner to suit various applications in harsh environments.

CipherLab 2500 series is able to deliver superior scanning abilities to speed up the efficiency of data collection.

Along with business-rugged durability its high performance is well protected so users can enjoy fast workflow without any worries.

User Friendly Features of the 2500 Series

The CipherLab’ s 2500 series provide flexibility for its users with its features. It comes with a built-in Bluetooth® that keeps the device connected to a computer up to a line-of-sight distance of 100 meters.

The Bluetooth® scanner users can easily move around its working area while still being connected.

Its built-in removable battery can easily provide 24 hours of continuous work and offer an ideal solution for businesses that need extended hours of operations.Its enhanced ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection can handle up to ±10 kV(contact), ±20 kV (air) of ESD surge which protects sensitive electronic damages caused by electronic discharge events.

Simply put, the CipherLab 2500 series is a durable device with superior features that will update your business to new grounds.


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