Datalogic Magellan M1100i Desktop Barcode Scanner 1d/2d No Button Usb Blxck

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Datalogic Magellan M1100i 2D

– 2D, Black, No Button, USB, Stand, includes USB Cable 8-0734-16

Stand out from the crowd – The Magellan 1100i scanner provides unique features including the patented Green Spot good read indicator, Illumix intelligent illumination technology for reading bar codes from backlit or illuminated displays, and true 360 degree targeted scanning for close proximity bar codes. Differentiate your POS solutions and maximize productivity with the Magellan 1100i scanner.

– 200% faster processor than the M1000i

– Power range 4.5-14VDC in one model

– Tested to survive multiple 4 ft drops to a concrete surface

Replacement Cables
– USB, POT, 12′ Coiled (8-0734-16)
– USB Series A Cable, POT, 2M Coiled (8-0734-10)
– USB, Series A, POT, 12′ Straight (8-0734-08)

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