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Buy cheap cash registers online. Heavily discounted registers and rolls. We stock all the Major POS cash register brands like Sharp, Casio, SAM4S. Bulk Order discounts, Setup Service & Same Day Shipping. Cash Registers to suit all types of Retail shops.

The POS Help Difference:

  •  Free Phone support to help you setup ( Other stores charge a hefty fee )
  •  Free quick setup guide emailed to you
  •  Free access to our user support forum
  •  Australian Based Support ( Many stores are based overseas )

How do I setup my Cash Register

We have customised guides that lead you though the cash register setup step by step. Cash registers have come a long way in recent years and are quite easy to program now.

Of course we're also available by Phone & Email to assist is you get stuck.

Brand: Sam4s Model: ER180U
SAM4S ER-180U Cash RegisterThe SAM4S ER-180U is a low cost Cash register designed for new businesses just starting out. It has a fast thermal printer (no ink to change) and a small base for tight spaces.Even businesses with a large POS systems keep a ER-180U on hand as a backup in case the POS goes ..
$231.25 $254.38 (Inc GST)
Brand: Sam4s Model: ER265JRALB
SAM4S ER-265EJ Cash RegisterThe ER-265EJ is an entry level cash Register for small to mid size operations. It has many features you normally only see on high end machines.ER265EJ Main Features:High featured Single Station Cash RegisterFlat Membrane Keyboard15 Departments1000 PLU’s standard, up to 10..
$373.75 $411.13 (Inc GST)
Brand: Sam4s Model: ER420M
The ER-420M is a solution for a wide range of Retail environments. With its 2 line LCD display and 2 station thermal printer it is well suited for the small to medium retail store. It has a very easy to use charge posting function...
$550.80 $605.88 (Inc GST)
Brand: Sam4s Model: ER940
SAM4S ER-940 Cash RegisterThe Sam4s ER-940 cash register is ideal for cafes, restaurants and convenience stores due to the large keyboard. With 150 flat keys and 5 modifier levels, 2 price levels & table tracking it will handle most dine in and takeaway menu sizes. The ER940 is also a ..
$858.00 $943.80 (Inc GST)
Brand: Sam4s Model: ER5200M
The ER-5200M is a solution for a wide range of Hospitality environments. It is the replacement of the very popular ER5200. It has a 2 line LCD display and dual drop in paper loading thermal printers and is well suited for the small to medium restaurants and various retail operations...
$838.80 $922.68 (Inc GST)
Brand: Sam4s Model: NR510B
SAM4S NR-510 Cash Register -  Flat Keyboard Version The Sam4s NR-510 cash register is great for stores that need a flat keyboard with plenty of department and PLU buttons. The spill resistant keyboard membrane makes it popular with Cafes, restaurants and coffee shops. The NR510 even has an SD s..
$558.00 $613.80 (Inc GST)
Brand: Sam4s Model: NR510RB
SAM4S NR-510 Cash Register Raised Keyboard VersionThe Sam4s NR-510 Cash Registers is suited to small-Medium retail stores. It's a popular model for general merchandise shops and convenience stores. The large display and strong buttons reduce mistakes and speed up transaction processing. The dro..
$558.00 $613.80 (Inc GST)
Brand: Sam4s Model: NR520B
SAM4S NR-520 Cash Register Flat Keyboard Version.The Sam4s NR-520 cash registers is a midrange machine popular with cafe's, coffee shops and general merchandise shops.The flat, spill resistant keyboard has 90 flat keys to handle medium sized menus. Add to the 5 modifier keys and you can handle a mul..
$594.00 $653.40 (Inc GST)
Brand: Sam4s Model: NR520RB
SAM4S NR-520 Cash Register Raised Keyboard Version.The Sam4s NR-520 cash register with raised keyboard is a great all rounder. It's used in general merchandise shops and convenience stores. The NR520 works as a stand alone machine or you can hook up a barcode scanner to speed things up at ..
$594.00 $653.40 (Inc GST)
Brand: Sam4s Model: ER230JB
SAM4S ER-230J Cash Register - Battery power option for mobilityThe ER-230J cash register is perfect for market stalls, display tables and food vans. It's light and easy move aroundIt can run on both standard power ( 240v ) or its pair of internal batteries (8 hours operation).Please note the cash dr..
$306.25 $336.88 (Inc GST)
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