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Casio Cash Registers setup guides and support.

CASIO SEC300 Cash Register Setup Guide

casio sec-300 setup guide

CASIO SE-C300 Cash Register Setup Guide



Set mode switch to off
Hold Down the [FEED] button
Turn Key to PGM while still holding down the [FEED] button
After 5 seconds release the [FEED] button
‘0000000000’ will appear on the display and the register is now ready to receive it’s MAC code
Enter 17240 for dept buttons or 10040 for plu buttons
Press Sub Total
(Wait for a bit… the register will go into program mode and the display will read 0.00 when its done)
Insert Memory Batteries

Set Register For Australian GST

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Casio Ses10 Cash Register E10 Error

casio SE-S10 cash register

Casio Ses10 Cash Register E10 Error

There are 2 reason why your Casio Ses10 cash register is displaying an E10 error.

1. The paper roll needs replacing

To replace the roll, open the paper cover, then press the little button on the front left of the printer. then you can list the platen arm and replace the roll.
VIP! make sure to press the button first. If you force the platen arm open without pressing the button you may break the paper replacement sensor which mean a printer replacement.

2. The paper replacement sensor is busted

As mentioned above this can when the paper platen arm is forced up without pressing the release button first.

Unfortunately this sort of damage is not covered by the manufacturers warranty

By the time you order in a new printer mechanism and have it replaced the cost is basically the same as a new Casio Ses10 Cash Register itself. In this case I’d recommend buying a register to take advantage of the long Epson printer warranty.

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