Mounting Systems

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Generic Flush Wall Mount

Generic Flush Wall Mount Bracket...

$25.99 Ex GST: $23.63

Visidec Ipad Vesa Plate

The Visidec iPad Vesa mounting plate allows the iPad 2 3 or 4 to be attached to standard Vesa mount..

$32.67 Ex GST: $29.70

Visidec Ipad Mount Freestand

The Visidec VTB-IPS is a versatile tablet stand for the iPad 2 iPad 3 (The New iPad) and iPad 4 (w..

$53.46 Ex GST: $48.60

Visidec Tablet Mount Freestand

The Visidec VTB-US is a versatile tablet stand for 7 inch-10 inch tablet computers. It dramatically ..

$53.46 Ex GST: $48.60

Spacepole Iframe Vesa Adapter

This item allows iPads mounted inside an I Frame to be attached using VESA...

$60.89 Ex GST: $55.35

Space Pole Eftpos Mount Plate

Note there are dozens of variations of this mounting plate for various Eftpos terminal brands and mo..

$69.80 Ex GST: $63.45

Verifone Vx-820 Mount Plate

SpacePole Verifone VX-820 Eftpos Mounting Plate..

$69.80 Ex GST: $63.45

Spacepole Printer Plate

SPACEPOLE Epson TM-T88/Nexa PX-700/Nexa PX-900 printer mounting plate..

$71.28 Ex GST: $64.80

Spacedec Adjust Wall Bracket

Designed to support VESA products up to 25kgs the Spacedec SD-WD is a wall mount bracket with 20 de..

$74.25 Ex GST: $67.50

Telehook Raked Ceiling Accssry

TELEHOOK Raked Ceiling Accessory - Suitable For Angles Up To 45 Degrees..

$78.71 Ex GST: $71.55

Hypercom 4220 Mounting Plate

Hypercom 4220 Eftpos Terminal Mounting Plate..

$81.68 Ex GST: $74.25

Ingenico Mounting Plate

SpacePole Ingenico Eftpos Mounting Plate..

$81.68 Ex GST: $74.25

Sagem Eftpos Mount

SpacePole Sagem Eftpos Mounting Plate..

$81.68 Ex GST: $74.25

Spacedec B2b Kit 4 Sd-Pos-Vbm

SPACEDEC POS Multi Pos Pole Back to Back Kit for SD-POS-VBM...

$81.68 Ex GST: $74.25

Strike Hd Wscreen Mount (AMPS)

This in vehicle mounting arm attaches to a car windscreen via a suction cup. It's suitable for use w..

$82.24 Ex GST: $74.76

Spacepole I Frame Black Crv Pole

Spacepole I Frame curved 170mm black pole with 30 angle. Minimal footprint Internal cable manageme..

$83.53 Ex GST: $75.94

Spole I Frame White Crv Pole

Spacepole I Frame curved 170mm white pole with 30 angle. Minimal footprint Internal cable manageme..

$83.53 Ex GST: $75.94

Visidec Focus Wall Direct

For devices up to 8kg in weight the Visidec Focus wall bracket is a compact VESA wall mount bracket..

$83.53 Ex GST: $75.94

Telehook Back To Back Kit

N.B. This is an add on kit - pole not included. The Telehook TH-1040-CT-B2B is an accessory kit that..

$84.65 Ex GST: $76.95

Spacepole I Frame Wall Mount

Wall mount kit to suit I Frame. N.B. I Frame not included. Purchase this unit combined with an I Fra..

$92.07 Ex GST: $83.70

Spacedec B2b Kit For Sd-Pos-Ha

SPACEDEC POS Multi Height Adjustable Back to Back Kit - Add on for SD-POS-HA...

$99.50 Ex GST: $90.45

Spacepole Straight Wall Mount

Spacepole Straight Wall Mount With Power Supply Enclosure..

$111.38 Ex GST: $101.25

Spacepole Add Cust Disp Mount

The SPV3301 is an additonal VESA mounting point for Spacepoles so is intended for adding a customer..

$112.86 Ex GST: $102.60

Duratilt Flip Pole

SpacePole DuraTilt DTFP101-02 Mounting Pole for Payment Terminal..

$115.09 Ex GST: $104.63

Space Pole Duratilt Pole

Space Pole Duratilt Pole. Can be fitted with Eftpos mounting plates or Tablet mounting plates. Most..

$125.71 Ex GST: $114.28

Nexa Ts600 Ipad Stand

Looking for a stylish iPad stand to complement an iPad POS solution? The Nexa TS-600 is Nexa's solut..

$126.23 Ex GST: $114.75

S.Pole X Frame Ipad Pro 12" No Pole

Note that this item is the X frame portion of an X Frame kit. It doesn't include the pole which is ..

$139.59 Ex GST: $126.90

Spacepole Arm For Printers

SPACEPOLE Peripheral Arm For Printers - N.B. Must Also Purchase A Printer Plate...

$141.67 Ex GST: $128.79

Spacedec 420mm Donut Pole

Spacedec Donut Pole 420MM..

$144.79 Ex GST: $131.63

Spacedec Pos Pole Fixed Height

SPACEDEC POS Multi Fixed Height Pos Pole..

$158.90 Ex GST: $144.45