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Eftpos Mounts

Brand: Space Pole Model: DTFP101-02
SpacePole DuraTilt DTFP101-02 Mounting Pole for Payment Terminal..
$104.64 $115.10 (Inc GST)
Brand: SpacePole Model: HFTS4220-MH-02
Hypercom 4220 Eftpos Terminal Mounting Plate..
$74.26 $81.69 (Inc GST)
Brand: SpacePole Model: MHI5100
SpacePole Ingenico Eftpos Mounting Plate..
$74.26 $81.69 (Inc GST)
Brand: SpacePole Model: SAG301-MH-02
SpacePole Sagem Eftpos Mounting Plate..
$74.26 $81.69 (Inc GST)
Brand: Space Pole Model: DTP101
Space Pole Duratilt Pole. Can be fitted with Eftpos mounting plates or Tablet mounting plates. Mostly the Tablet mounting kits include this pole so it is not normally purchased for use with Tablets on it's own...
$107.15 $117.87 (Inc GST)
Brand: SpacePole Model: MH
Note there are dozens of variations of this mounting plate for various Eftpos terminal brands and models. All are the same price. Please contact us for further information about your specific brand/model. SPACEPOLE Eftpos mounting plate (Use with DTP101 above or with a pos pole with SPV2102)...
$63.46 $69.81 (Inc GST)
Brand: SpacePole Model: VER171-MH-02
SpacePole Verifone VX-820 Eftpos Mounting Plate..
$63.46 $69.81 (Inc GST)
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