Mounting Systems

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Spacedec 420mm Donut Pole

Spacedec Donut Pole 420MM..

$143.00 Ex GST $130.00

Spacedec Adjust Wall Bracket

Designed to support VESA products up to 25kgs the Spacedec SD-WD is a wall mount bracket with 20 de..

$78.57 Ex GST $71.43

Spacedec Articulated Wall Arm

For VESA devices up to 9kg in weight the Spacedec articulated wall arm allows for mounting on a wal..

$369.76 Ex GST $336.14

Spacedec B2b Kit 4 Sd-Pos-Vbm

SPACEDEC POS Multi Pos Pole Back to Back Kit for SD-POS-VBM...

$86.43 Ex GST $78.57

Spacedec B2b Kit For Sd-Pos-Ha

SPACEDEC POS Multi Height Adjustable Back to Back Kit - Add on for SD-POS-HA...

$105.29 Ex GST $95.71

Spacedec Donut Poles 1150mm

Spacedec Donut Pole 1150MM..

$261.25 Ex GST $237.50

Spacedec Height Adjst Pos Pole

SPACEDEC POS Mulit Height Adjustable..

$189.20 Ex GST $172.00

Spacedec Pos Pole Fixed Height

SPACEDEC POS Multi Fixed Height Pos Pole..

$156.93 Ex GST $142.67

Spacedec Wall Swing Arm

Designed for attaching VESA devices of up to 9kg in weight to a wall this Spacedec wall arm gives c..

$314.88 Ex GST $286.25

Spacepole Add Cust Disp Mount

The SPV3301 is an additonal VESA mounting point for Spacepoles so is intended for adding a customer..

$112.86 Ex GST $102.60

Spacepole Arm For Eftpos

SPACEPOLE 200mm Peripheral Arm For Eftpos Terminals. N.B. Requires eftpos plate...

$168.34 Ex GST $153.04

Spacepole Arm For Printers

SPACEPOLE Peripheral Arm For Printers - N.B. Must Also Purchase A Printer Plate...

$124.34 Ex GST $113.04

Spacepole Back To Back Pole

The Spacepole back to back POS pole is a heavy duty POS pole that also has the ability to mount an E..

$301.13 Ex GST $273.75

Spacepole Black I Frame Case

Spacepole I Frame case (no stand or other options included). In black. Suit iPad 1 2 3 4 and Air..

$256.09 Ex GST $232.81

Spacepole Black I Frame Kit Wi

Spacepole I Frame case and straight pole with angle adjustment. In black. Suit iPad 1 2 3 4 and A..

$350.83 Ex GST $318.94