My SAM4s ER-180T cash register is Displaying PEA 2

My SAM4s ER-180T cash register is Displaying PEA

Note: the ER-180T had been superceded by the sam4s ER-180U. The error can be cleared in the same way.

This is a tricky one with all Sam4s registers including the ER180T because PEA is actually PER. The ER180t can’t display an “R” properly so it looks like and “A”.

So the actual error is a “PER” error which literally means Paper End Receipt.

The easy answer

You have run out of paper or nearly run out. There is a little sensor in the front of the receipt printer, if there’s no paper in front of the sensor it will display the PER error until the paper roll is replaced

The tricky answer

If you have a fresh paper roll in the ER180T and the paper is fed correctly through the front and you still get the PEA error you might have a busted sensor.

The sensor can be cleaned with a lint free cloth. If that doesn’t work then the whole printer mechanism will need to be replaced. Depending on labour costs, it might be cheaper to get a whole new cash register with a 12 month warranty.

Here’s a link to the ER-180T manual. It has a complete list of error codes including PEA / PER

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  1. My er-180t display e00 message. And and I cannot open the clerk,still closed.and I try to reset the machine but not working.

    1. This is a sequence error. The machine needs an input first before it can complete the operation.

      Setting back to factory defaults will sold the problem for you. Just make sure you login as a clerk after the reset.

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