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We’re more than box movers

We help setup your POS equipment.

In the last 10 years we’ve witnessed the Point of sale system hardware industry shifting from a high service model (which makes happy customers), to a low service model (which makes unhappy customers). A quick google search reveals many customers unhappy with they’re online POS reseller, who delivered a printer and basically said “good luck”.Point of sale equipment is a specialised field and isn’t just plug and play.

We’ve bucked this trend and provide customers with high levels of technical expertise and support.

We handle the technical stuff so you can focus on sales and customers

Casio Sec450

Real POS Experience

Installing POS equipment since 1999

In 1999 (yep, pre-GST) we were delivering cash registers and physically installing them. Then in 2005 we went online for the first time giving us exposure to the entire Australian market. So, we’ve been selling and installing POS equipment for a long time now.

Since 2005 we’ve witnessed great changes in retail technology. It’s a full time job to stay abreast of the latest POS innovations. We do all the nerdy POS equipment conferences to keep up to date so you can benefit from that knowledge

For example if you mentioned cloud based POS software in 2005, your audience would take a look at the sky and return a confused stare. We now have a massive range of cheap point of sale bundles specifically for cloud based systems like Vend, Kounta, Retail Express and MYOB retail etc.

Benefit from our experience and give us a call.