S.Pole X Frame Ipad 2 3 4 Rota



Spacepole X Frame iPad Mount Suits iPad 2 3 4 Portait/Landscape Rotatable

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The Spacepole X Frame is a robust and effective iPad mounting system for iPad 2 3 & 4. The pole is screwed to the counter and the iPad is clamped onto the pole giving security against theft. It also provides a comfortable and adustable viewing angle for the operator.This version can be rotated between landscape and portrait orientation.- Secure light weight 2 piece frame that clamps around the Tablet – Maintains tablet aesthetics and feel – 120mm pole with internal cable management – 98mm footprint – 0-70 degree tilt featuring patented DuraTilt in-built tilting mechanism – Tested through 250 000 cycles – Simple & timely installation – Fully upgradable for Technology changes

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