Sam4s ER390m cash register reset without data loss 2

Sam4s ER390m cash register reset without data loss

If the Sam4s er390m is beeping at you and you can’t stop it by the usual methods, then use the init clear, sometimes called “init reset” to get you back to register mode.

The reasons you might want to do a init clear / reset

1. The register is stuck and you just want to reset back to the beginning of a transaction.
2. You were programming the register and now it beeps no matter what keys you push

To Perform an Initial Clear:

1. Unplug the register.
2. Turn the control lock to the P position.
3. Press and hold the key position where the SBTL key is located on the default keyboardlayout.
4. While continuing to hold the SBTL key, plug the register into a power source.
5. The message “INITIAL CLEAR OK!” prints when the initial clear is complete.

You should now be able to use the register as per normal.

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  1. Hi, I have a sam4s ER-180t cash register that I bought 4 years ago. I only use it for a Fireworks tent 2 weeks out of the year. When I bought it in 2014 and programmed it there were no problems. In 2015 I used it and again no problems. Last year we did not do a Fireworks tent and did not use it. This year I got it out and turned it on and it had the E00 error so I did the initial clear which took it away. Then it will not allow me to sign in a clerk, reprogram the clerk or anything. Only continues to give an E02 or E01 error. How can I fix this?

    1. Hi,

      The EO2 is a clerk error. If you’ve done a complete reset (initial clear), Then you need to login as clerk 1 for anything to work at all.


      1. key to register position
      2. press [1] then [clerk]

      You should be fine from this point. Let me know if you need more help.

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