Symbol li4278 quick start guide

Symbol li4278 quick start guide to get your bluetooth scanner working

Once the Symbol LI4278 is up and working, it's bullet proof. Sometimes the basic setup including pairing the scanner to the charging cradle can be daunting for first time users. The official Symbol li4278 quick setup guide is the key to get the scanner operational.


Below is the download link for the LI4278 quick start guide directly from the manufactures website. LI4278 Quick Start Guide

Initial setup.

Just follow these steps and scan each programming barcode in order. Make sure you don't skip any steps.
  1. connect the base station power cable to the power outlet
  2. Connect the USB cable from the base station to your computer
  3. "STEP 2 on guide ", Under "USB" scan "HID Keyboard Emulation
  4. Let your scanner charge overnight before using it wirelessly
Thats it! Pretty simple hey.

Optional Extra's

On the quick start guide under "HELPFUL BAR CODES" are some common additional settings needed for POS software. The most common on is to add a carriage return or "Enter" the the LI4278 after each scan.


  1. open quick setup guide the the "HELPFUL BAR CODES" section
  2. Scan "scan options"
  3. Scan "DATA SUFFIX"
  4. Scan "Enter"
That' it! If you have any more questions, leave them in the comments below

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