Add Enter to Symbol LS2208 Barcode Scanner 4

So, you need to add “enter” to your Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner?

Many POS software’s need the barcode scanner to automatically add and “enter” or  “carriage return” as suffix to each product code you scan. Thankfully it’s simple to for the Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner.


Below is the quick guide to automatically add the enter / carriage return after each item scan for the LS2208.


Just follow these steps and scan each programming barcode in order. Make sure you scan these barcodes in order without skipping any.

  1. Set Defaults
  2. Scan options
  3. <data><Suffix>
  4. Enter

And that’s it! Your scanner should now add and enter after scan.

You can test it by opening up notepad in windows (or any text editor in mac), scan a product code and the flashing cursor should move the the next line.


  1. Will this work for any symbol scanner or just the LS2208?

  2. Hi Jenny. The instructions are for the LS2208 only. If you need instructions for another model, let me know.

    Darryl Sullivan
  3. Hi, I’m using the LS2208.
    I cant get it to stay on while in the stand!
    I’m constantly having to hold down the button, any ideas?

    1. Hi Jason,

      It sounds like you need to “Enable Hands-Free (Presentation) Trigger Mode”. See this link.

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