Epson TM-T82ii Receipt Printer is not printing

My Epson TM-T82ii receipt printer is not printing receipts?

If your Epson TM-t82ii receipt printer is not printing receipts the first step is to decide if it’s a hardware fault or a software fault.

We do this with the printer “self test”. Follow the steps below.

Note that these steps are the same for the Epson TM-T81 and Epson TM-T82ii

Perform these steps to make sure the receipt printer hardware is ok

1. make sure there’s paper in the printer. press paper feed to make sure it’s feeding paper
2. turn off the power switch on the receipt printer
3. You need 2 hands for this : Hold down the paper feed button and switch the power on. Keep your finger on feed for 3 seconds
4. If the Epson TM-t82ii starts printing out your settings then you can be 99% sure the problem is not with the hardware
5. If you can’t get a print out you may have a hardware problem. Check to see if the printer is under warranty.

If you need specific help leave a comment below

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    • Hi There,

      Can you please do a self test first and let me know the result. This will tell us if its a printer problem or funny instructions are coming from the computer. Here are the instructions –

      1. make sure there’s paper in the printer. press paper feed to make sure it’s feeding paper
      2. turn off the power switch on the receipt printer
      3. You need 2 hands for this : Hold down the paper feed button and switch the power on. Keep your finger on feed for 3 seconds
      4. If the Epson TM-t82ii starts printing out your settings then you can be 99% sure the problem is not with the hardware

  • Hi
    I hope you can help
    I have installed the Epson TM-T82II printer using the CD provided on WIndows 8.1 and completed the test (hold feed and turn on) all ok.
    Our issues are:-
    1 – when we print the Test Page via printer properties. The text print appears to move to the right of the paper and then doesn’t print on the right margin.
    2 – when we print from our cloud based POS, I can manually change the margins (custom) for it to print ok, however, when you shut down and reboot, you have to change the settings again.

    I have rung Epson who told me to uninstall the driver and got me to install the TM-T88V Version windows 10 driver which I did – but it didn’t connect at all and I got a fail message.

    As that didnt work, I uninstalled that driver, and downloaded the EPSON Advanced Printer Driver for TM-T82II Ver.5.07E from the EPSON website, but I am getting same issues.

    Do you know how I can get my Epson printer to print within the receipt margins?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Melina,

      If the self test is printing ok then yes the extra space is coming from either the Driver or your software.

      The epson driver can be fiddly when uninstalling a reinstall. The process needs to be:

      1. disconnect the printer completely from the PC
      2. Uninstall ALL epson drivers on the PC
      3. Reboot the PC
      4. Install the windows 10 driver as per epson instructions.
      5. plug in the epson printer.

      Are you in Australia? If so I can help you over the phone / remote login if need be

  • Hi,

    I have done the test print and its not a hardware problem. I have cleaned the thermal roller as per the instructions from Epson. The printer is printing the information out really lightly and i have turned the darkness up in the settings and it not helping. How do i fix this problem?

    • Hi Amanda,

      It sounds like you’ve done some good testing there 🙂

      It will be 1 of 2 things.

      1. You might have a bad batch of paper rolls. Inferior rolls can print very light due to poor thermal transfer qualities. Can you try a new roll from a different box?

      2. It might be the print head on the way out.

      How old is the printer? If its less that 2 years old it should be under warranty from epson.

      If you need some more help let me know.

  • David Kempnich says:

    I have three TM-T88ii printers that i am trying to set up and use with the ‘Kounta’ POS app.
    I can not get any of the printers to print any messages from my Windows PC or the Android tablet that runs the POS software.
    I have run the manual test print, so i know its not a hardare flaw.
    My devices can find the printers but no print messages can get through to them. Clicking ‘test print’ does nothing, the print message goes into the printer job tray, but nothing happens at the recepit printer. And when using the utility i get the error “a communication error has occured”.
    I need to have these things up and running asap.
    Please help!

    • Hi David,

      T88ii’s are pretty old, I believe Kounta requires at least TM-T88v’s to work according to their docs here :

      IF you meant TM-T82 then I assume your using an ethernet (network) connection. Are you sure you’re using the “App” version and not the “Browser version”.

      If using the browser version you’ll need the “intelligent” version of the printer the “T82i” (see the above kounta link above).

      Otherwise It might be an IP address problem, in which case I’d need to give you some more personal support over the phone and with remote PC access.

  • Hi There,

    I am currently having an error message pop up on my IPAD with my Epsom printer with Vend App.
    the error message reads
    “Error on print Haig”
    Could not open connection to
    the printer”

    what steps should i take to fix this problem.

    • Hi Rhona,

      I couldn’t find that exact error message in the Vend support docs. But I suspect its something to do with an IP address issue with the printer.

      Was it previously working then stopped, or has it never worked? This will help me resolve the issue.

  • Also, To collect the IP address the print is stating “None” instead – what does this mean.?

    • Yes I’d say the ip address needs to be setup in your printer first. Otherwise the Ipad/vend machine will not know where to send the receipt. You may need a technician to help with this.

      The ipad and the printer must be connect via the same network router.

  • I have a tm t82ii, printer was working one day. Nothing the next. The printers Ethernet port isn’t lighting up nor on the modem. Cables are fine, modem is fine.
    Should the Ethernet port light light up even if the IP address assigned to the printer has been wiped?

    How do I obtain the printers current assigned IP address. Printing the test page holding down the feed button and turning on does not give me any ip information.

    Nothing com s up even plugging the printer directly into a laptop


      • I have a tm t82ii
        How do I print out the network settings from the printer

        The only thing I can get it to print is the settings when you hold FEED and power on the printer

        This does not show any network settings

        • I am quite capable in setting up th network and printer. Just unable to locate the printers current network configuration to set it back up.

          It was all set up and th printer just randomly stopped recognising the network

  • Pratiraj Desai says:

    I have Epson tm-t82 printer, but this when connected to ubuntu 14.04 it leaves left margin but when connected to windows it print fine.
    please give mi solution.

    • Hi,

      What drivers are you using? Advanced epson drivers or OPOS Drivers? OPOS drivers, often used for linux POS systems can throw in some commands that may need adjusting.

  • Pratiraj Desai says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have install tmx-cups- this Drivers but still its not working.
    Facing same problem.

  • Hey there,
    I have recently purchased a TM-T82II as i was told it would work with the Kounta app on an iPad. Set it all up at home via my laptop and home modem and it worked, sweet. Problem is i need it to go into my mobile cocktail truck which has a Telstra 4GX Wifi portable modem (no Ethernet port). Can this printer recognise my network (and therefore my iPad and app) if it hasn’t been directly connected to the portable modem?

    • Hi Jacob, sorry for the late reply.

      If you are using an ethernet T82II then you will need a wifi router with ethernet port in your cocktail truck.
      you’ll need to bridge wifi modem and wifi router. The most important thing is that the router gives the dhcp settings to both the ipad and the printer (need to be connected to same router.

  • Hi Guys,

    I am having a problem with Epson TM-T82 receipt printer ” when printing a receipt or do test print it’s always says “OUT OF PAPER” but paper is properly placed.

    Please help me to fix this.


    • Hi John,

      Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been on a sabatical for a couple of months.

      1. do a “self-test” first to clear the printer.
      2. try with a completely new paper roll. I have seen the paper sensor kick in to early with partial rolls.
      3. It could be a faulty paper sensor. If so, you will need to replace it, or buy a new printer. If the printer is < 3years old you can return if to epson for repair/replacement.

    • Hi Nicole,

      This sounds like a baud rate issue for a serial printer. Print a self test page and make sure the Baud rate (speed) is the same for the printer and the serial port

  • Ben Grigg says:

    Hi. This isn’t a printing issue but a cash drawer issue. I have my TM-T82ii running for Vend on iPad and I use a cash drawer that is kicked open by the T82ii via an RJ-12 connection. The TM-T82ii is connected to my wireless broadband modem with a Cat-5 and my iPad connects to the modem wirelessly. For some unknown reason the drawer kick has stopped working. I’ve tried another cash drawer (with a new RJ-12 cable), reinstalled Vend on my iPAd and checked Vend settings to ensure that the cash drawer options are turned on. None of this has worked.

    Could this be a issue with the printer? I’m out of ideas and desperate D:

    Thanks in advance

    • He Ben,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      Your setup is spot on, so as long as your vend drawer kick settings are right then you may have a faulty drawer kicker module (the RJ11 socket).

      The only way to test is with another printer, preferably the same one in the same configuration. Do you have a spare printer?

      I always recommend a second one for backup / testing. For $300 odd bucks its good insurance.

      Let me know if you need more info.

      • Ben Grigg says:

        Thanks for such a quick response!

        I don’t have a spare printer but am sourcing one as we speak. I figured it couldn’t be Vend, the cash drawer seems ok, which only leaves a faulty printer. But why would it just decide to stop?

        I’m getting my hands on a spare printer and will let you know how it goes.

        Have you ever heard of this happening?

        Once again, thanks for your help.

        • Could be something as simple as an electrical/circuit issue which has shoved more than 24v down the line.

          Let me know if you’re still stuck with the replacement printer and I can give you a hand. We do sell the T82 ethernet’s here just in case. But that’s a last resort of course.

          • Ben Grigg says:

            Hey. So I replaced the printer and that didn’t work either. Two cash drawers, two printers, nothing worked.
            Is it possible that Vend is sending a wrong signal to the printer?
            Thanks again

  • im having the same issues with the cash draw i think its a vend update can someone help me fix this

    • Hi Ryan,

      I would try re-selecting the the cash drawer toggle via these steps

      1. Plug the RJ12 connector cable from the cash drawer into the receipt printer.

      2. Open up the Vend Register app and tap the menu button to open the sidebar menu.

      3. Tap ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Hardware’.

      4. Select the printer you want to attach the cash drawer to.

      5. On the printer settings page in Register, toggle the ‘Cash drawer enabled’ setting to ‘on’.

      6. Toggle the ‘Open cash drawer on sale’ setting to ‘on’.

      You should now be setup with your Cash Drawer!

  • Krunal Panchal says:

    Hi there,

    We’re developing POS for restaurant. I’ve TM-T82 network printer that works fine when I do print from LAPTOP or PC with windows 7. Now I want to print from Android so we’re implementing ANDROID SDK with sample code given but we’re facing issue – it always shows PRINTER IS OFFLINE error while the printer is on and we’re printing from PC. Can you provide some latest code for Android that uses ANDROID SDK and prints because I want it to PRINT VIA ANDROID only there will be no more PC/LAPTOP there.


  • Sandeep says:

    My printer passes test print but it can’t print my pos system print
    & Yes if I tried to print other like word etc it was printed
    How can I fix this problem

  • russell says:

    Hi Guys, we have two Epson TM-T82ii printers both displaying the same fault….the green network link light goes out randomly every 3 – 10 secs…..We have already replaced the removeable ethernet module, and we STILL have the same fault….have done full factory reset, tried different switches/routers/cables….

    What in the world is causing this ? the only part left is the actual motherboard….which is surely not available is it ?

    Thanks and regards



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