Epson TM-T88V is printing blank

Epson TM-T88V is printing blank paper.

NOTE: These instructions are the same for the new Epson TM-T88VI receipt printer.

There are few reasons why your epson TM-T88V is printing out blank receipts.

Using non-thermal paper

The T88V and T88IV need 80mmx80mm thermal rolls. We often see restaurants accidentally using the 76mm x 76mm plain paper rolls as they use them in dot matrix kitchen printers.

You can check if your paper rolls are thermal by running your fingernail through the paper. If it leaves a black mark, you have the correct paper. If not, you have plain paper rolls which will just keep printing blank paper.

Paper Roll is the wrong way around

This sounds like a simple one but it catches a lot of people.

Thermal paper only prints on 1 side. So The thermal paper roll needs to feed from underneath not over the top. This is true for every Epson receipt printer including the TM-T88V.

Dead print head

This one is basically terminal. By the time you buy and install a new print head the cost is basically the same as a new TM-T88V printer itself. In this case I’d recommend buying a new printer to take advantage of the long Epson printer warranty.

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