Epson TM-T88V Receipt Printer is not printing

My Epson TM-T88V receipt printer is not printing receipts?

The first step is to decide if it’s a hardware fault or a software fault. This is done by the printer “self test”.

Note that these steps are the same for the Epson TM-T88VI, Epson TM-T88V, Epson TM-T88IV & Epson TM-T88III.

Perform these “self-test” steps to make sure the receipt printer hardware is ok

1. Make sure there’s paper in the printer. press paper feed to make sure it’s feeding paper
2. Turn off the power switch on the receipt printer
3. You need 2 hands for this : Hold down the paper feed button and switch the power on. Keep your finger on feed for 3 seconds
4. If the Epson TM-T88V receipt printer starts printing out your settings then you can be 99% sure the problem is not with the hardware
5. If you can’t get a print out you may have a hardware problem. Check to see if the printer is under warranty.

If you need specific help leave a comment below

84 comments on “Epson TM-T88V Receipt Printer is not printing

  • Hi, my printer is saying it needs attention but doesn’t say what it needs. We have tried turning it on and off and restarted the whole computer but it doesn’t fix it. What else can I do to try and fix it.

    • Hi Sarah,

      If it’s an Epson TM-T88IV or V, can you try doing a self test as described above. If you get 2 pages printing out, one with test characters and one with settings, then you know the printer itself is ok.

      Let me know how you go.

  • virginia says:

    Hi, I have tried the above mentioned way and 2 testing paper is printed. but on the computer, the printer can be deteched, and cannot print out, wonder if there is any driver.

    I work on mindbody online system and wonder if there is any possible way to connect.

  • Charles says:

    My printer clearly responds and even triggers the cash drawer. It scrolls the paper as if printing and cuts it, but with nothing printed on it. I did the self test and it responds, but with nothing printed. My printer is about a year old, but barely used. Its been standing unused for a while.


    • Hi Charles,

      My 1st thought is a paper issue. Did the problem happen after you changed paper rolls?

      The 80x80mm thermal rolls must feed from underneath. If the roll is feeding from over the top the paper is upside down and printing on the wrong side.

      Also, make sure you’re not using 76x76mm plain/bonded paper. The sizing is nearly the same.

  • Johan Jacobs says:

    Hi . I also have a TM-T88lV i cleaned the unit and after that both of the paper out as well as the error light stays on and the feed button does not work. If i switch off the unit and open the paper hold and remove the paper and switch it on again with the cover open, you can press the paper out sensor and the light does off. If you close the cover again even with paper inserted the paper out light goes on and does not go off unless the previous steps are retaken . Please help if it is possible.

  • hi,maybe you can help me out.i cant print and when i troubleshoot,it says that my printer needs to turn on because it is off,but its not.what should i do?thanks

      • Great advice. Works!
        I tried everything in the software, OS and even replaced the printer to no avail. The only thing I did not replace was the power supply. I was going nuts, but now I’m a happy camper. Thanks

  • stephen mangwato says:

    i have a problem with the tm-t88iv printer it is testing fine but when you connect to the pc it does not print, when i change the printer the new one works on the same machine, so what could be the issue?

    • Hi Stephen,

      If the “self test” is working fine, and the same model of printer is working then it could be a faulty interface board.

      Are both printers the same connection type? E.g. USB, serial or ethernet?

      If they are the same interface you can try using the working printer interface board in the non-working printer. There are 2 screws on the back plate to be undone and the board just pops out. Just make sure the power if off when changing boards.

      Let me know how you go.

  • Anthony Laganella says:

    my epson tm-t88v prints fine on the sides of the paper, but the middle is not printing good at all
    What do i do?

    • Hi Anthony,

      It’s either a bad paper roll or your printhead is dead.

      1. try some different paper rolls in the printer
      2. If problem still exists the print head is dead. You’ll need a new printhead or a new printer.

  • I have an Epson TM-T88v Model M244A
    It prints out just fine, but after it prints, it has this grinding sound until you rip the paper off…Any idea what can fix this issue?
    Also, when i connect another printer (Exactly the same model) the computer does not recognize it…is there a way to use a new printer of the exact same model? can’t figure out why its not initializing…

    • Hey There.

      Sounds like your paper cutter might be jammed. Does it still cut after printing a receipt or do you have to tear the paper manually? If it’s not auto-cutting, i’d say the grinding is the auto-cutter trying to work but is jammed. This may need to be replaced by a technician, or replaced under warranty.

      Is the second printer the same connection type ie USB, serial, parallel or Ethernet? If It’s ethernet, it will have a different IP address than the first printer for example.

  • My TM-T88V after 3-4 hours of work stoped when large crowds .Turn the Led bulbs Error. After that I turn button Power Off/on and the and everything is OK (like hard reset) . With the new printer TM-t88V everything without problems.

    • Hi Proby,

      This one has me a little stumped. It sounds like it could be an overheating issue or your cache buffer is getting full and the full reset clears the cache buffer. Can you test with another printer?

  • adil bendamo says:

    Hey, I just got the epson t88v printer, I installed the driver now windows can detect if it is plugged in and I can do the self test,
    but still I can’t print anything from windows, the only thing I can print is a list of police form the epson utility (and I can’t print the test page)

    • Hi Adil,

      This sounds like a driver issue to me. I would try uninstalling the driver and re-installing it. Make sure you have the printer “unplugged” when reinstalling the new driver. After installation, plug the printer into a different USB port (assuming your using a USB connection).

  • I have a TMT-88V that just stopped printing. Will not feed paper or self test but does turn on. The error light flashes a few times when i turn it on but goes away. Any ideas?

    • Hi Andrew,

      The flashing pattern gives us a clue to the problem.

      for example 4 short flashes then 1 long flash means a CPU problem and the machine needs replacement.

      2 shorts and a long, and 3 shorts and a long mean a power supply problem.

      Let me know what the flash pattern is.

      • Hi Darryl, my Epson Tmt88V has stopped printing. It Will not feed paper or self test but does turn on.
        When I Self Test I get 2 short error lights and then one longer error light

        • POS Help says:

          Hi Gary,

          This really sounds like a power supply problem. More specifically a high voltage problem. I’d say a new power supply will solve your problem.
          If you have a spare one from another T88 printer then give that a go first.

          We do sell Epson TM-T88V power supplies here if you need one.

          • Hi,
            I have tried another Power Supply from an earlier T88 model. Printer still will not feed

          • POS Help says:

            Hi Garry,

            So with the new power supply you got exactly the same error 2 short blinks and 1 long blink?

            If so, and the power supply is not the problem, then there is a serious voltage problem in the printer itself and needs to be repaired or replaced. Sorry about the bad news mate. The manual calls this sequence of blinks an “unrecoverable error”.

            If the printer is less than 3 years old then you can return it to your pos supplier for a warranty repair. Otherwise you might need a new Epson TM-T88Vi ( the Vi is now finished)

  • please my tmmiv printer is not available on the pc, i did a self test on it.
    please help

    • Hi John,

      What interface is the printer USB/Serial or LAN?

      It sounds like an interface setting error. Or a baud rate difference between the printer and PC COM port (if using a serial printer)

        • POS Help says:

          Hi Jeff,

          2 things to try here.

          1. Do the selftest as described in the article. If the test page prints fine then it’s not a hardware problem.

          2. To test the ethernet / ip address. Use a cross over cable to directly connect the T88V to the PC ethernet port. This way you can bypass the router. your should be able to open up a browser window with your printer ip address eg and see all the printer settings from there to test further.

  • My Epson TM-T88V only prints once after i turn it on and won’t even print all the way. The error led starts flashing and it wont print nor feed paper.
    I removed it and added it again and the same issue continues. I can’t get it to work.

  • Melanie says:

    Printer was working fine then suddenly stopped did the self test and it printed the error light flashes then I push feed and it prints more of the test have to push feed aprox 3 times then the error light stops and it stops printing again….. ?????….

  • Brandon Moore says:

    I bought a new Epson receipt printer to replace one that is on it’s last leg. Old printer is the TM-T88V model M129H. New printer is the TM-244A. I swapped the new model out and it is not printing what it should.

    ?v?v?v?v is what it prints repeatedly.

    Is there a fix for this. Are my 2 printers not compatible? Any insight would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Brandon.

      Are you using a serial connection. If so then the baud rate (speed) settings in the printers are different. You ned to make the printer baud rate the same as the com port (serial port) on your computer. Have you got a manual. You will need to modify the dipswitch settings on the bottom on the printer. Just make them the same as your first printer.

  • Jay Kilmartin says:

    Hello and thanks for this forum.
    When I run the printer self test it almost finishes. It does not cut the paper though. Then when I rerun it it does nothing.

    • Hi Jay,

      Sorry for the late reply. I took a sabatical from a couple of months but am on deck now 🙂

      That’s a strange one. sounds like its running out of power part way through which makes me think power supply. I would test the printer with a different PS180 power supply first.

  • Hello,

    I have a tm 88v printing fine, the problem is the buzzer stopped sound.

    I set in correctly in the printer options but still doesn’t work.

    Any clues? Seems a hardware failure… but is strange that only the sound stops. Is there an easy way to replace the buzzer ?

    Maybe is a configuration issue.. or driver issue?

    Thx in advance.


  • lauren marsh says:

    Mine wont print from the till but the self test worked fine, Error light is on and I have no clue what to do!

    • Hi Lauren,

      What is working before and stopped, or has it never worked?

      In this case it could be:

      1. faulty cable from computer to the printer.
      2. Incorrect POS software setup. The right codes need to be sent to the printer to work.
      3. Faulty interface board.

      Usually its number 2. Let me know if you need more personalised help.

  • hi i have an epson t20 model m267d……the test printing works but when it comes to printing reciepts it does nothing….it first said cant communicate but now its jus dont print

  • Hello,
    POS Connected via static IP.
    Prints fine for a while, but then the printer drops off the network (can no longer ping) for seemingly no reason. Have to power cycle to re-connect, then works fine for awhile again.

  • Kyle McKay says:

    hello I Have a T88v and it will print from the epson program but no other program on my computer. It shows up in my printer and devices tab but all documents just build up in the “see whats Printing” tab never to be printed. As i said it functions perfectly through the epson program. We have been using it for two years and it has never done this. any assistance would be greatly appricated

    • Hi Kyle,

      What connection type do you have, USB, Serial or Network?

      It sounds like the wrong instructions are coming from the POS Software. Have you upgraded the software or the physical POS terminal recently?

  • Hi, I have recently purchased a used Epson TM-T88III receipt printer (Model M129C) with a serial connection. I have been trying for quite a while to get it working. It will print out a test message OK. I have downloaded and install the latest driver files from Epson. The install seems to go OK, however if I try to do a test print after installation, it generates an error message saying printer not available. I have made sure I have a null modem cable. Also on the back of the printer there is a green LED light that flashes continually.

    I have the latest version of Windows 10 (64b).

    • Hi Ron,

      I haven’t seen a TM-T88III working properly with windows 10 yet. It’s a bummer because there’s plenty of working printers about.

      Win 10 seems to have issue with serial ports at times. At you can tell by the comments I don’t normally suggest to buy a new printer but in this case, you’ll save yourself a lot of pain by purchasing a new Epson TM-T88VI, which has all the interfaces including serial.

      You might end up getting it going but it’s a long shot.

      Make sure the printer serial port baud rate is identical to that of the PC serial port. You can see the printer baud rate on the self test printout.

  • Hi, my Epson T88V is not printing any receipts. I have tried opening it for paper jams. It keeps bringing out error. It was used yesterday morning only for it to stop printing today. I pressed both the power button light and the feed light still it wont print a test page. The feed button is actually working. If i press it, paper will print out. I keep receiving error from the printer. I cant print. Kindly help me out.

  • Hello, I have epson TM 88V printer and self test works and I’m using LAN. However, I cannot send pin to my printer and receipt cannot print anything on POS. Please help me solve this issue. Thank you.

    • Hi Jason,

      Here are the common LAN issues, and things to check. I always test with a crossover cable first to make sure the Lan card in the printer is working

      Connectivity Problems

      The Ethernet adapter has not been configured to work on your local network. Confirm network settings using the adapter self test.

      The computer is unable to connect to the printer over the network. Test connectivity with ping and/or TMNet.

      The IP address of the adapter has changed. Check IP settings.

      The printer is not online in Windows. Check the status of the printer in the Windows Control Panel, the printer should show status as ready. Tip: try stopping and restarting the Print Spooler from the Services applet of the Control Panel.

      IP address setting is not correct. Confirm that the IP address assigned by the network is set for the Ethernet adapter.

      Subnet mask setting is not correct. Confirm that the subnet mask assigned by the network is set for the Ethernet adapter.

      The IP address is set redundantly. When the same IP address is used for more than one device in the network, communication is not possible. Confirm the settings for the other devices. The same default IP address is set for all Ethernet adapter units as the factory setting. Do not use more than one printer with the Ethernet adapter on the same network without changing the IP address.

      The Epson printer driver has not been installed for the Ethernet adapter and printer in use.

  • I have 2 Epson TM-T88V’s that have the same identical problem.
    When powering up, I get 2 short flashes of the error light followed by 1 longer flash.
    Won’t do a self test printout, or anything after that. Power light only.
    If this an “unrecoverable error” message, what is the procedure to fix this?

    • Hi Dan,

      2 short flashes followed by 1 long flash seems to indicate a power failure. This could mean faulty power supplies. It’s interesting that both printers are doing the same thing. Did you have a lightning storm near the shop?

  • These printers came in from 2 different locations at different times, but have the same problem.
    I have used different power supplies than the ones that came with them in testing them out.
    I had this problem once before but the printer was under warranty so I was never provided a solution as the RMA sheet just listed “Repaired under warranty” with no other details.

  • Ghamdeen says:

    My pos epson printer TM-T88iv print the first page test but the second comes not as a test settinng. It comes instead with scrambeld charcters.

    Kind advise.

  • I have two Epson TM-T88V’s; one that has a power failure issue with the error code of two short flashes and one long flash and won’t do a self test print out. The other printer is fine with no issues.

    I tried switching power supplies from the printer that works to the printer that is showing the error codes and upon boot up I was still having the same error code flash, with two short flashes and one long flash.

    I assume then the problem lies with the machine itself? Or is there something else I can try on the machine with the error?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Hi,
    I purchased the Epson TM-T88V, and I’ve been trying to connect it to my Mac to print. However, my Mac couldn’t find and connect to the printer via usb. I assumed it was the wires and tried another pair and found the same problem. I tried a different computer (pc) and the download was successful, but the computer kept saying that it could not communicate with the printer. I tried two wires and computers, the usb setup and test print works, so I’m not sure what the problem may be.
    Thank you.

  • Hi
    I have Epson TM – T88 iii. The printer did complete the self test but still does not print anything out that late directed from the POS. Please help.
    Thank you

    • Hi Dave,

      Is your POS software printing directly to the the printer or are you using the epson printer driver?

      I need a bit more information. What interface is your printer? USB, Serial or LAN?

    • Hi Hiba,

      I need a bit more information. What interface is your printer? USB, Serial or LAN?

      Can you perform a hardware selftest printout?

  • Good day, my Epson TM-T88V is only printing about 1cm then the error light comes on for a second before going off again, this cancels the printing process. Any ideas on how to fix this? When printing a test page it prints fine though, same goes for self test.

    • could be a power supply problem or a buffer full problem. Can you tell me the sequence of light flashes? eg long flash, short flash, long flash

  • Cindi Griswold says:

    My T88iv prints out 3/4 of the receipt then appears to lock up but I believe it’s just pausing trying to complete the print job. Then it will print the final line and cuts the receipt. It’s happening on two different POS terminals both running Win10. One is a laptop. It was printing fine until recently. Could it be a windows update that has caused a problem and if so any idea which one. Have you heard of this before? I have a video I could share.

    • Hey Chris,
      This is an interesting one I haven’t seen before. As you say it seems like a windows update causing driver problems. Have you got another printer to use for testing?

      If not, on one of the pos terminals I would power off the printer, unplug it, unstall the driver completely, reboot the computer then reinstall the latest advanced windows driver and see how that goes.

  • Hi there, I have a TM-88iii printer that is not printing or feeding paper, therefore not self testing. The paper out LED is lit even though there is a full roll in it. I assume this is due to the paper out sensor becoming faulty. Is there a way to fix/clean up the sensor?


  • Cydney Sticklen says:

    We have the TM-T88V but it suddenly started printing gibberish yesterday and still again today. I’ve tried unplugging and restarting it. I’ve tried running the test page which worked fine but I can’t get it to reboot itself. I’m very very much not tech savvy at all.

  • Steve Meyer says:

    I have 2 Epson TM-T88Vs on Windows 8 computers with serial ports. When using the latest Epson driver they take a long time to start printing and print slowly approx 1″ at a time.

    I changed to generic text drivers and now they print really narrow bur print faster.

    Any thought on the slow printing?

    • Hi Steve,

      certainly sounds like a driver issue. Perhaps try an older version on the advanced printer driver that is around the windows 8 vintage.

  • Russell says:

    We have 2 x TM-T88 receipt printers with ethernet ports that are displaying the same fault – the green link light goes on and off randomly. we have confirmed the fault is internal to these 2 printers and not a network/cabling issue. Do these printers suffer from faulty ethernet ports, which I notice are removable…

  • Hello,
    I have a TM-T88IV usb printer, and error flash blinking (flash every 2.56 sec) after test print. I tried holding FEED and turning on the printer, it is printed self test saying Offline or receive buffer full and flash blinking again. Can you advise with the next steps to fix this. Thank you

    • Hi Ali,

      What your describing sound like and Auto Cutter Jam. Please remove any obstruction / paper from the autocutter mechanism and redo the self test


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