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POS Help Vend POS Hardware Compatibility Guide

Vend pos hardware, especially receipt printers needs to be checked and double checked for compatibility before you purchase. This guide will save you buying the wrong POS equipment and save you money.

Vend compatible receipt printers

This is the the most important one, so lets deal with this first.

What Receipt printer model do I need for Vend

1. Ethernet/LAN – If you’re running printers over a network on either a PC, MAC or IPAD you’ll need the Star TSP100 Ethernet LAN Printer.
2. USB connection – If your connecting the printer directly to a MAC or PC then use either a Epson TM-T82 USB or Epson TM-T20 USB.
3. IPAD’s – remember IPAD’s doesn’t have USB ports so you need the Star TSP100 Ethernet

What Barcode scanners can I use with Vend

This depends on what device vend sits on i.e PC/MAC/IPAD. aLso, you need to decide on either a corded or cordless/wireless configuration.

1. For IPADS – There is no USB port, so grab a bluetooth scanner that can pair natively with IOS like the Symbol LI4278 bluetooth barcode scanner

2. PC/MAC – You can also choose a wireless option like the Symbol LI4278 scanner, or go for a cheaper, simpler USB connection. Something like the Symbol LS2208 or Nexa NC1200 are good plug and play options barcode scanners.

What cash drawer can I use with Vend?

Cash drawers are generic and simply plug into your chosen receipt printer. Vend knows it’s connected and opens the drawer when you hit cash. Something like the Nexa CB900 ( now the CB910 ) is a good solid metal drawer for under $100.

Buy Hardware from vend authorised partners

Many online POS resellers, have a section dedicated to Vend compatible POS hardware like this one, to take out the guess work.

The vend website also has a list of compatible pos equipment, although sometimes it’s a little out of date.

Got some more Vend POS Hardware questions? Leave a comment below.


  1. Hello POSHELP,

    Do you know if anyone has successfully used the iPad ‘Lightening to USB 3’ adaptor cable to run a USB printer from the Vend iPad app?

    1. Hi Russell,

      I haven’t seen this work in practice myself. If you need a tablet with USB direct connectivity I’d go for a windows OS that prints to USB. Otherwise you’ll need a network ready epson or star printer.

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