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Touch Screen Terminal Accessories

Brand: Nexa Model: LCD10
10" Rear LCD Screen to suit NP-1651 and Desire POS - Requires additional cable and bracket.For mounting on NP-1651 refer to 1651ARM or a double sided POS pole. For cable on NP-1651 refer to 1651LCD10CAB.For mounting on Desire POS refer to DESIRELCDB ...
$337.36 $371.10 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: NP1060VFD
NP-1060 2x20 Character VFD Display. Note that the terminal by default has the space to fit in the 2x20 VFD display but from new the actual display isn't installed into the space.This item provides the internals that fit into the existing space on all NP-1060 terminals...
$200.01 $220.01 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: 16514GBRAM
Upgrade Ram from 2GB to 4GB on Nexa NP-1651 Pos Terminal...
$100.01 $110.01 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: DESIRE4GBRAM
Upgrade from 2GB to 4GB of RAM on the Nexa DesirePOS terminal...
$101.74 $111.91 (Inc GST)
Brand: Casio Model: MAGPROBEKIT
6 Dallas Cerk Key Set & Reader To Suit Casio...
$237.51 $261.26 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: M354NC
This 8" LCD screen kit includes a free standing pole and uses a single USB cable for both power and video so no VGA cable or power supply are required.The LCD has 75mm VESA mounting holes on it so it can also be removed form the pole for mounting on the back of a double sided VESA pos pole.Note t..
$360.25 $396.28 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: 1651LCD
8.4" Rear LCD Panel to suit Nexa NP-1651 requires 1651ARM or double sided pos pole for mounting...
$292.25 $321.48 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: DESIRELCDB
Bracket to suit the Desire Rear LCD..
$93.44 $102.78 (Inc GST)
Brand: Casio Model: QT6100
The Casio QT-6100 is a 12" ROM Based POS Terminal. It features a bright 12" LCD touch screen display solid compact base Scanning and Scale Interface Ethernet communications and software suitable for Hospitality or Retail environments. Does not include cash drawer or printer...
$0.01 $0.01 (Inc GST)
Brand: Casio Model: QT6600
Casio's QT-6600 15" ROM Based POS Terminal is ideal for most hospitality and Retail applications. With a large bright display Casio's stable virus free software scanner scale and pc interfaces and much more you know you have a complete solution. Cash drawer and Printer not included...
$0.01 $0.01 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: NP1060MSR
MSR To Suit NP-1060 POS Terminal..
$132.01 $145.21 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: NP2150MSR
MSR to suit NP-2150..
$158.42 $174.26 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: WP55MSR
Magnetic Card Reader to suit Nexa Wavepos 55 Terminal...
$147.16 $161.88 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: DESIREMSR
3 Track Magnetic Card Reader to suit Desire POS..
$143.89 $158.28 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: DESIREVFD
2 x 20 VFD Customer Display to suit Desire POS..
$204.39 $224.83 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: YPSFB-00010
Power supply to suit Nexa Jupiter Pos Terminal..
$200.01 $220.01 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: NP1060VESA
Nexa NP-1060 VESA bracket. This bracket allows for the NP-1060 to be fitted to a pos pole such as the SD-POS-VBM.Price includes fitting the bracket prior to shipping the unit if ordered with an NP-1060. Note that this replaces the stand that is normally supplied with the NP-1060...
$64.30 $70.73 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: 1651MSR
Slimline 3 track MSR to suit Nexa NP-1651 POS Terminal. Extremely easy to install USB HID output bidirectional...
$158.42 $174.26 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: 1651ARM
Rear LCD Mounting Arm to suit NP-1651 - You must have this to mount the rear LCD panel...
$68.52 $75.37 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: 1551VFD
VFD Customer Display to suit NPT-1551..
$200.01 $220.01 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: 1551MSR
3 Track MSR to suit NPT-1551..
$132.01 $145.21 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: NP2160MSR
NP-2160 MSR..
$126.68 $139.35 (Inc GST)
Model: NP2160LCD
NP-2160 rear customer 10" LCD...
$407.62 $448.38 (Inc GST)
Brand: Nexa Model: NP2160VFD
$176.01 $193.61 (Inc GST)
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