Bixolon Rts-300 Tablet Stand Black

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Bixolon Rts-300 Tablet Stand for iPAD, Android or Windows Surface tablets.

***Note that this item only includes the tablet stand. Printer, tablet and customer display shown in the picture are purchased separately***

The RTS-Q300 stand is an ideal tablet stand for the Apple iPad 9.7″ Microsoft Surface Go and many Android tablets.

It is designed to hold the tablet and also the SRP-Q300 series of printers together in a neat and convenient solution.

Much more than just a tablet holder the RTS-Q300 is able to be combined with various models in the SRP-Q300 series to give you an ideal platform for Cloud and Tablet based POS systems.

Options include:

  • SRP-Q300 printer that has a built in battery giving you a fully battery powered tablet POS.
  • SRP-Q300H printer that acts as a cloud enabled peripheral hub – lowers TCO and complexity by using regular USB


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