Epson Tm-T88vi Receipt Printer – Serial/USB/Ethernet

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EPSON TM-T88VI serial/USB/Ethernet thermal receipt printer

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EPSON TM-T88VI Receipt Printer – Serial/USB/Ethernet

Yes, the new thermal Epson TM-T88VI  printer comes with all 3 popular interfaces, RS232 Serial, USB and Ethernet/LAN.

This is the upgraded version of Epson’s TM-T88V which is renowned for speed and reliability. The TM-T88VI Thermal POS Printer is a worthy successor to the market leading TM-T88V.

The TM-T88VI builds on earlier models with Energy Star Compliance 300mm/sec print speed (350mm/s via firmware upgrade) improved greyscale printing and more.

This is the dark grey (nearly black) model with all 3 interfaces, serial ethernet and USB. This way if you change POS software or upgrade your POS PC, you can keep using the same printer.We also stock the 80mm x 80mm thermal paper for this docket printer.

POS Help also includes the power supply and cables for free (not paid add-ons like other online POS stores).

Product Features

  • Fast printing up to 300mm/second
  • text and graphics printing for logo’s
  • Windows, MAC & Linux compatible
  • 3 interfaces, serial ethernet and USB
  • 80mm or 58mm paper receipt roll sizes
  • Industry-leading 4 year limited warranty

Help for Common Support Questions

Where can I download Epson TM-T88VI drivers for Windows, Mac or Linux?

How do I troubleshoot an Epson TM-T88VI that’s not printing properly.

The first step is to decide if it’s a hardware fault or a software fault. This is done by the printer “self test”.

Note that these steps are the same for the Epson TM-T88VI, Epson TM-T88V, Epson TM-T88IV & Epson TM-T88III.

Perform these “self-test” steps to make sure the receipt printer hardware is ok

1. Make sure there’s paper in the printer. press paper feed to make sure it’s feeding paper

2. Turn off the power switch on the receipt printer

3. You need 2 hands for this : Hold down the paper feed button and switch the power on. Keep your finger on feed for 3 seconds

4. If the Epson TM-T88V receipt printer starts printing out your settings then you can be 99% sure the problem is not with the hardware

5. If you can’t get a print out you may have a hardware problem. Check to see if the printer is under warranty.


My Epson TM-T88 is printing Blank

1. Using non-thermal paper.

The T88V and T88IV need 80mmx80mm thermal rolls. We often see restaurants accidentally using the 76mm x 76mm plain paper rolls as they use them in dot matrix kitchen printers.

You can check if your paper rolls are thermal by running your fingernail through the paper. If it leaves a black mark, you have the correct paper. If not, you have plain paper rolls which will just keep printing blank paper.

2. Paper Roll is the wrong way around.

This sounds like a simple one but it catches a lot of people.

Thermal paper only prints on 1 side. So The thermal paper roll needs to feed from underneath not over the top. This is true for every Epson receipt printer including the TM-T88V.

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  1. Ron C – Inner East Cycles

    We’ve been using the epson TM-T88’s in our cycle shops for years.
    We ran into problems with our last POS Supplier (couldn’t get the support we needed) and switched to POS Help. Darryl and Heather are so helpful, we were up and running again in no time. To be fair POS Help is a little more expensive than other online stores, but I’m happy to pay an extra $10 for support we get.

    Ron C – Inner East Cycles

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